Youth Film Camp

A Blue House Film Camp is a unique experience. Unlike other film camps we focus on more than just making a movie. We believe it’s important to  help kids grow in the areas of creativity, collaboration, and confidence as they grow into capable adults. (Obviously we’re loving our alliteration too!)

What happens during a film camp?


Day one we get to know each other and learn about the different aspects of filmmaking. Then we start learning about how a film set is run. Everyone gets a chance at each part of filmmaking from being a director, to running sound and even holding the clap board. We learn about the different types of shots a  director will use to tell their story on screen. We will talk about how we can use filmmaking to make an impact in this world Then we work on creating a story and characters for our film!


Day two we create our poster shot and work on finalizing our script. We learn how to break down a script and block out the shots for our movie. We learn about set etiquette and how to act on screen!


Day three and four are spent filming the scenes for our movie! We plan out how we are going to engage the audience with our film as well.


Day five is premiere day! We typically show our audiences a behind the scenes and blooper video along with the finished film. Family and friends have a chance to walk the red carpet and take pictures with their favorite stars of the film. Afterwards there is an opportunity to support their filmmakers through purchasing a poster and the movie. 100% of the profits go back to the children for their hard work.


All films can be watched on our facebook page @thebluehouse.co