Love, Jordan


Themes: Youth, suicide ideation, mental health, parent child relationships, school, education

Ms. Mitchell is a high school communications teacher at Current Side High. She would do anything for her students so when she finds a suicide note signed “Love, Jordan” saying they are ending their life “tonight” she rushes against time to find out who it is. The only problem is there are 17 Jordans at her school.

Run Time:  12 minutes

Country of Filming: United States

Language: English

Format: Digital

Mental Health is a topic that is close to my heart so when I was approached to create a film around this topic I was all in. Once I was clear on the idea I wrote the script in one night. The team worked for months on preproduction and filmed the entire project in one week with an amazing cast and crew. So far we’ve had several screenings of Love Jordan to various audiences which have sparked great conversations with the audience and youth.