Welcome to the Young Filmmakers Collective

Our Mission

Welcome to the Young Filmmakers Collective! Our mission is to help young people ages 10-18 develop creativity, confidence and collaboration skills through filmmaking. We believe everyone has a story to tell and a message to share no matter what their age. Your story matters.

Our Goals

The career landscape is rapidly changing and media is changing right along with it. Today the skills that are most valuable in our job market are creativity and engaging communication. Our goal is to teach young people the basics of film production to create a 5-7 minute short film that will be premiered at the end of each session. We want to help our young filmmakers experience the fun (and hard work) associated with taking an idea from vision to reality.


Our young filmmakers learn how to work their creative muscles as well as work through obstacles. Creativity is a highly sought after skill in today’s world and is essential for effectively communicating messages and creating innovation.


We know the importance of working in teams to achieve a goal. Developing good interpersonal skills and communication is vital to having an engaging and high quality life. Collaboration is key in filmmaking.

Crush Goals

Producing a film takes fortitude, organization and goal setting skills. Learning how to take an idea from -just an idea – to a reality through a step by step process is an invaluable life skill. We want to see our students soar in this area.


Being challenged and empowered to accomplish goals and communicate ideas builds the right kind of confidence. True confidence helps young people develop self – esteem, thrive in daily life and be brave enough to make the right choices.


We will require that students come with a willingness to learn and focus time in ¬†learning how to produce a film. We will provide the basic tools of to create a film such as a Samsung DSLR camera and Apple laptops to edit on. We focus more on the process of production than cinematography and acting techniques although the basics will be covered. Once you’ve mastered the skills of actually getting an idea created, finished and presented it’s much easier to dive deeper into all aspects of filmmaking. This is a great class for students to learn about the different parts of filmmaking and get a feel for which part brings out their strengths and talent.

Meet your Instructor

Get the advantage of being taught by someone who is currently working in our local industry.

Dija Henry is a professional actress, writer and filmmaker based in the Midwest. She has been acting professionally for 15 years on stage, film, commercials, new media and voice over.

Dija learned a long time ago the power of learning to not just say “I want to make a film” but to actually go after the knowledge to make her dreams a reality.