Custom Film Production

The Creative Process

So how exactly do we help you get from an idea to a finished product?

First we listen to you

Listening is paramount to creating a result that feels authentic to you.

First we sit down with you and listen to your amazing idea, taking lot’s of notes helping you to imagine all the ways you’re going to make an impact.

In this phase we want to get a good idea of what your core message is and what success looks like for you and your project.

Next, we visualize your ideas and create a script

Next, we take all of your ideas and create a story board to make sure that we are on the same page with you and your vision.

When the story board is approved we create a script for you to review.

After the script is approved we begin the prep work needed for production.

In this phase  we will work on a strategy to show your film and create discussion around your ideas.

Lights, camera, action…and impact

We’ll handle all of the production work to make your script come to life so you don’t have to worry about the technicalities of filmmaking.

Instead you can enjoy the process knowing your idea is in caring hands.

After the film is completed we will implement the strategies for showing your film to your desired audience and creating important conversation around your movement.

We help you set into place what is needed to measure your version of success.


Love, Jordan

Executive Producer John Wechsler came to us with an idea to create a short film around the topic of mental health and suicide in youth. He had a vision to create something that would be a conversation starter around this tough to talk about topic.

We met and we had a conversation around his idea and vision for the piece. We helped to expand on his idea and develop a narrative script. After the script was approved we began pre-production, scouted locations, and casted the actors. We worked with an amazing DP that John brought on board to the project.

After we wrapped filming we showed the film to several groups around Fishers and Indianapolis IN. The film went on to be accepted to a few film festivals and now is available on Amazon to watch.

Love Jordan Movie Poster

The Project

Imagine that you’re a teacher and you found a note from a student promising to end their life TONIGHT. It’s signed “Love, Jordan” and you want to find out how to save the student as soon as possible. But you discover there are 17 Jordans at the school. What do you do?

This is the synopsis of our short film Love, Jordan. We started this project in the summer of 2018 when Executive Producer John Wechsler asked us to create a film around the idea of teen mental health issues. We partnered with Launch Fishers and Query Productions to create the short film Love, Jordan.

The Impact

Creates space for conversation around mental health and suicide

Reaches past racial and socio-economic barriers

Screened at urban and suburban faith organizations

Screened at nonprofits focused on youth empowerment

Catalyzed ,mental health conversations to immigrant and other minority groups

Attracted community leaders, city officials, Executive Directors of local and National programs to help bring awareness

Created a platform for youth and adults to share their personal stories through conversation and our discussion guide created just for Love, Jordan.


If you are interested in learning if we might be able to help you craft a story that will get your idea out into the world, schedule a call with us today.