What does a Creative Producer Do?

Dija Henry working with Dylan Query on Love Jordan

What does a Creative Producer Do?

Dija Henry working with Dylan Query on Love Jordan

When you watch a movie and then watch the credits roll you will see that there are a many many individuals that helped to bring that story to the screen. Some of the individuals you saw on screen during the film but there are many more are active beyond the screen such as the crew, marketers,  casting directors, managers and producers to name a few.

However, with every project there is usually one person that had a vision for this idea to come to life. The creative producer conceives an idea and nurtures it all the way to it’s final product. The creative producer will do whatever is necessary to see the project finished in its highest iteration. In fact, they are the ones who take home the Oscar for best film.

So how does this work in reality? 

Well it can work a few different ways. A creative producer will be someone who has experience in all aspects of filmmaking. They might have been a director, actor, writer or even an editor. Either way they understand story very well. They understand how to lead creative individuals and make sure that the story will resonate with the intended audience. The creative producer may have read a book or had an idea that they want to turn into a film. If a producer wants to turn a book or previous work into a film the producer must attain the rights of the work to turn it into a new product which is the film. They will then go forward and work with other producers to raise funds to make the project. After the funds are raised the creative producer will begin hiring the production team such as the director, casting director, etc. The creative producer will also hire writers or even work on the script themselves to make sure there is a perfect foundation for the project. As the project progresses the creative producer must lead and encourage the entire creative team towards the end goal. They must at their core be a problem solver. An experienced producer once said to me that making a film is “many problems solved.”

When should you seek out a creative producer?

Creative producers are gifted at working at the intersection of business and creativity. They speak both languages and facilitate the needs  of marketing and the need to hold space for creativity to flow. They know how to take an idea and create the strategy to make it a reality. If you have an idea for a creative project such as turning a book into a film or even a story idea into a movie then it’s time to call a creative producer to help you navigate the process of moving from idea to reality.

At The Blue House we specialize in nurturing ideas that will make an positive impact while entertaining audiences. If you have an idea that has been rolling around in your heart for a long time you’ve come to the right place. That idea could be the next story that makes an impact or starts a movement to make this world better.

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