Moving Still Short Film


A grieving couple is estranged because of a loss of a child. The only problem is they still have one living who needs them.

Themes: Loss, marriage, depression, communication, parent child relationship, loss of child, anxiety, feeling stuck, fear

Run Time:  11 minutes

Country of Filming: United States

Language: English

Format: Digital

We shot Moving Still for the 168 Project and received nominations for Best Actor and Best Original Score. We were challenged to base a script off of Luke 4:17-21

God truly showed up in this project as there were testimonies present in all aspects. The story itself was inspired by the Executive Producer’s own experience with losing a child. We were floored with the amount of people that came together to volunteer for the project. When we found out we got nominations we threw up a Gofundme page and raised the exact amount needed. Our Executive Producer lost his job weeks before filming and God provided every need for his family. I ended up in the hospital due to complications of MS and was let go 1 week before the Premiere. But God gave me strength! We walked the red carpet only a block from the VMA’s showcasing a powerful story and seeing our film premiere in Los Angeles.